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BMW, one of the key German players in premium car category, started its Indian operation in 2006 with establishment of its wholly owned subsidiary, BMW India Pvt Ltd. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana and has its own manufacturing facility in Chennai. BMW competes in premium category and has primarily the likes of Audi and Mercedes in its cross hairs. Its model line-up consists of hatchback, sedans, SUVs and special category vehicles like sports and electric cars.

The most affordable BMW

The 1-series hatchback: The car is priced between Rs 26.50 lakh and Rs 29.50 lakh. Although it’s a bit expensive than rivals but then company claims it to be superior to its direct adversaries. On the price ladder, 3 – series sedan sits above the 1-series. Price range for this saloon starts at Rs 34.90 lakh while top-end variant stacks at hefty Rs 1.17 crore. Priced at Rs 37.90 lakh, BMW X1 features next on the pricing front. At this price, X1 is the most affordable SUV offering from Bavarian auto major. The car has got special attention from the experts and customers alike and is faring well on overall sales. BMW 3-series GT sits above the X1 with starting price of Rs 39.90 lakh. The Top variant of the car is retailed at Rs 42.90 lakh. Also Check About BMW 7 Series Price in India, Specs, Images, Reviews

BMW 5-series sedan

The sedan is priced in the range of Rs 44.90 lakh to Rs 1.30 crore, is one of the flagship sedans of the company. It comes fitted with all the creature comfort to extend unmatched sense of luxury to occupants. BMW X3 with starting price tag of Rs 46.90 lakh is one slot above the price pyramid. This butch and brawny SUV retails at Rs 59.90 lakh for top-end variant.


This is the most premium SUV from the company, which starts at Rs 65.90 lakh and goes up to Rs 1.55 crore for the top-of-the-line model. BMW Z4 roadster with soft-top configuration comes next and is priced at Rs 72.90 lakh. The car is two-seater and infuses styling quotient to the whole model line-up. BMW 7-series ranged between Rs 1.07 – Rs 1.95 crore, is also one of the key models of the company and is pitted against the likes of S-class and A8.


BMW 6-series

This starts at Rs 1.10 crore and is among the few models having variant costing above Rs 1 crore. BMW X6 SUV dwarfs the 6-series price albeit with less margin. It starts at Rs 1.15 Crore and ends at Rs 1.60 crore.Penultimate position on price chart is taken by 4-series that is retailed at tag of Rs 1.19 crore. BMW i8 is the costliest model in company’s stable with price of Rs 2.29 crore.


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